In order to insure trouble-free enjoyment of your boat next ear, your sails must be maintained just like the rest of your boat and its equipment.

Our Winter sail service begins with a complete check over for wear, tears, chafe, broken battens and hardware and missing telltales. Necessary repairs up to $100.00 per sail will be performed as required without further consultation. We will submit our recommendations and estimates on more expensive jobs.

We HAND WASH your sails, if they need washing. This removes salt and grime that provide a medium for mildew and cause your sail fibers to chafe internally. Our charge for sail washing is $2.20/lb., $2.60/lb. for spinnakers. If your sails need washing please have them to us before March 1st. If your sails do not require washing or repairs, a charge of $15.00 to $30.00 per sail will cover inspection and Winter storage until July 1st

Winter service will be billed upon completion. We offer a 5% discount on bills paid within 10 days. After 30 days a 1 1/2% per month service charge will be added to the bill. As in previous years, sails will be neatly folded and stored free of charge until July 1st.

Winter is the best time to have sails recut, additional reefs added and genoas converted for roller furling and reefing. We can offer a complete roller furling system, including sails and hardware if you are thinking of converting.

If you are thinking about a new sail for the next season, keep in mind that Spring backlogs often run eight weeks or more, and we have a super Fall discount program that runs through October.

Please note that in order to build your new sails over the winter, we must measure your boat before it is unrigged in the Fall.


Jasper & Bailey is offering 15% off sail orders confirmed with a 1/2 Deposit and 20% off sail orders confirmed with a Full Deposit by October 31st for Spring delivery.We enjoy having the opportunity to serve you and look forward to working with you in preparation for the coming sailing season.