Tri-Cut is the name of our highest performance sail design program. Our Tri-Cut genoas have the best load/thread line orientation possible because the thread line in a Tri-cut sail follows the lines of stress along the luff leach and foot of the sail. Tri-Cut genoas show remarkable shape keeping ability. The draft stays put and the leech actually flattens as the load increases. Halyard tension is adjusted very little, mostly to compensate for halyard stretch.

The Tri-Cut has allowed us to use lighter sail cloth and still maintain sail shape. We have Tri-Cut sails in dacron, mylar/polyester mylar/kevlar and mylar/spectra for fifteen to fifty footers. All of these sails have been successful in producing boatspeed and gathering trophies.

Tri-Cut Genoas feature the same attention to detail which has made Jasper & Bailey synonymous with top quality sails. We make sure that head, tack, and clew cringles are not only strong enough, but fit the hardware on your boat. Our comer reinforcements are scientifically engineered to transfer the loads into the sail. Leech and foot tapes are double sewn at the inboard and outboard edges to prevent the leechline from wearing through the tape and catching on the rigging. We use velcro leech and foot line cleats which do not catch on rigging and provide storage for extra leechline.

Jasper & Bailey uses the best low-stretch dacron and spectra ropes in the luffs of hank on Genoas and only solid braid primary and backup cords on foil tape luff genoas. We install chafe patches at contact points such as spreaders and bow pulpits.

All Jasper & Bailey Sails are warrantied to fit and set right for one full year. This means if any shape adjustments are required, even at the end of the first season, they will be made free of charge. Our all-dacron sails also come with a five-year warranty against any failure due to materials and workmanship.