Your traditional yacht's sails plan is the result of centuries of accumulated experience. With a keen sense of what has worked in the past, we apply 24 years of sailmaking experience and modern sail engineering to build durable, aerodynamic sails for traditional yachts.

While we generally use efficient modern hand-finishing techniques, we are fully capable of reproducing the finishing techniques of the past where antique authenticity is required.

User-friendly Dacron Sailcloth: White, Tanbark or Egyptian (Cream-Colored) Extra large reinforcements insure durability an shape retention; prevent comer distortion Over-sized and over-built batten pocket prevent batten poke and batten pocket tears; hold batten securely

Low stretch braided dacron leech lines may be adjusted at each reef with clam cleats which will automatically release when the reef is shaken out.

Warranteed for five years against failure due to materials or workmanship.