The Offshore Racing Council (ORC) specifies that yachts carry storm sails on both offshore and along shore races. Prudent seamanship dictates that cruising yachts do likewise. ORC also specifies the maximum size of these sails and that they be suitable for the purpose.

Jasper & Bailey storm sails are eminently suitable. We specify storm sails at least one ounce heavier than the yacht's mainsail or #3 Genoa.

On Jasper & Bailey Storm Sails, the reinforcements are extra large. The leech, foot and luff tapes are extra wide and are made up to our specifications of heavy dacron woven with large denier yarns which provide great tear and tensile strength.

The cringles are large, as are the hanks on storm jibs for strength and ease of handling.The slides on our storm trysails are always the strongest possible; of stainless steel or bronze, webbed onto heavy duty grommets.

We provide leech lines on our storm sails with strong double grommet tie off s The leech line eliminates the possibility of a motor-boating leech in high winds.