Dear Sailor,

Use this form to measure your boat before you take the mast down this fall. It will take about an hour of your time to measure and fill the form out and it will assure that any sail you add to your inventory will fit perfectly. A proper fit means that the sail will last longer, is easy to set right and is "fast out of the bag!"

Although we have specifications for most production boats in our files, they are unreliable. Boat builders often change details about the rig and deck layout without notification, your actual mast rake may differ from the original design and, undocumented modifications have often been made by previous owners.

Measure your boat this week! Mail a copy of this form back to us so that we can place it in your file at the loft and be ready to build your new sail when you are ready to order it.

Thanks in advance!


Acrobat PDF Format (go to to get the latest version of acrobat reader, free)
Download Measurement Form, Measurement Procedures

MS Word Format
Download Measurement Form, Measurement Procedures