Straight forward strong construction. Clean aerodynamic shape.

New, wide width sailcloth, available in many weights means fewer seams and cloth strength well matched to the size of your boat.

Panels rocked so that the thread line follows the load path up leech and along foot, reducing the tendency to develop gutter leech and floppy foot.

Foam Luff flattens the sail as you roll insuring a smooth, wrinkle free sail when reefed.

Reef Stripes allow you to duplicate sheet lead postions for correct sail trim each time you reef.

Trim stripe and teiltales so you can set your sheet leads properly, find and keep the "grove" easily.

Leech and foot lines with simple , strong and foolproof double grommet tie offs.

5-year warranty against failure due to defects in materials or workmanship.

If you are interested in a strong, aerodynamic and economical refer furling genoa, come see us at Jasper & Bailey.