A new Jasper & Bailey fully battened mainsail will noticeably improve your boat's performance on all points of sail, especially in light winds. With the sail held into shape by the full battens, with the increased area in the roach of the fully battened main and with a smooth shape that has no place for "transition bumps" to develop, a fully battened mainsail is a light air powerhouse.

At Jasper & Bailey we have been using full length battens in cruising and special application mainsails since 1972. We've had plenty of time to perfect the details. We prestretch and pretension the luff tapes and ropes which distribute the loads between slides and battens. Our batten pockets are *easy to load, tension and leave a clean leech with nothing to foul the topping lift or backstay.

We have developed a simple, strong "soft" connection between batten and luff slide for smaller and less heavily loaded mains. Large and highly loaded mains get the strongest fittings we can buy. We have even custom designed and fabricated fittings where appropriate. Our battens don't jump out of their pockets or fittings and, with an occasional spray of teflon lubricant on the-slides, hoisting and lowering is a breeze.

We use round battens which are lighter and stiffer than flat battens. We place each batten in a sleeve which securely holds the chafe protection onto the batten ends and provides chafe protection over the full batten length.

Jasper & Bailey Fully Battened Mainsails show the attention to detail and common sense engineering which allow us to warranty all our sails to fit and set right. In addition, our dacron sails are warranteed against failure due to materials or workmanship for 5 years.