Cruising Star is the name of our great looking star cut cruising spinnaker. It is an adaptation of our very successful Super Star Spinnaker program. Like the Super Star, the Cruising Star features fully radial construction for the best possible thread line orientation to reduce stretch and eliminate bias distortion. Because of it's inherent shape-keeping ability, the Cruising Star will point higher and outperform other cruising spinnakers on every point of sail.

The Cruising Star is usually used without a spinnaker pole and its related gear. Its luff is longer than its leech. The tack is attached to an adjustable pennant and lead thru a block on the stemhead fitting. The clew has a single sheet which is lead thru a block on the lee quarter. The Cruising Star is especially easy to handle when combined with an ATN spinnaker sock. The ATN sock has been chosen by most B.O.C. racers because it is far and away the smoothest working and strongest spinnaker sock available. This sock features double sleeve construction with the sail and control lines each contained separately so they can't foul each other or the rigging. The ATN sock also incorporates a uniquely shaped, kevlar reinforced fiberglass bell at the mouth of the sock to aid in gathering the sail. We call the combination of Cruising Star and ATN sock our "Cruise Control" system. "Cruise Control" will give your boat wings to reach with, and will allow you to use those wings with confidence in your control over them.