Although fully battened mains are rapidly replacing standard batten (leech batten)sails, there is still plenty of demand for standard batten sails on one design classes and traditional yachts. They also cost less than fully battened sails.

Jasper & Bailey standard batten mains show the attention to detail and practical engineering that have made Jasper & Bailey a byword for the highest quality sails.

Reinforcements are extra large and connected up the leech between the clew and the reefs.

Headboards are riveted with solid aluminum rivets and we press stainless steel liner into the halyard hole. Batten pockets are easy to use, top-loading pockets, made of three layers of dacron, one layer against the sail and two layers over the batten. The pockets are extra wide and long with two rows stitching all around to spread the loads and prevent distortion around the batten. We use only the best quality fiberglass battens and we use vinyl caps or tape to prevent them from wearing through the sail.

Our sails always have leech lines (except in certain one-design boats) that are adjustable at each reef with clam cleats that will automatically release the leech line when the reef is shaken out We web on the slides which provides a strong, shock absorbing and chafe free connection.

We use heavy dacron four or six part tape on the luff and foot where grommets and slides are installed. This tape is woven of extra heavy denier yarn in both the warp and fill, which gives it extremely high tear-resistance and tensile strength.

All Jasper & Bailey sails are warranted to fit and set right. Our dacron sails also come with a five-year warranty against failure due to materials and workmanship.

If you are interested in a fast, durable standard batten mainsail, come see us at Jasper & Bailey Sailmakers.