The ATN Spinnaker sleeve has made it safe and enjoyable to use a spinnaker on short handed cruising and racing yachts.

With an ATN Spinnaker sleeve you can fly any free luff sail; symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers, reachers and mizzen staysails with ease and confidence.

The oval fiberglass bell won’t distort under load and is properly shaped to slide over the sail, gathering it into the sleeve.

The up and down control lines are in a separate channel where they can’t foul the sail or each other.

This channel and the sleeve are contrasting colors telling you when the twist is out, ready to raise the sleeve and set the sail.

The sleeve mesh is open weave nylon, light, strong and breathable.

The control lines are non-kinking single braid.

The velcro closure at the top allows easy access to the head swivel to connect up sail to sleeve.

The head swivel allows jibing without twisting the sleeve.

The Spinnaker lives inside the sleeve, ready to set without re-packing.

The ATN Spinnaker sleeve was developed to allow maxi multi hulls and “Around Alone” sailors to handle large spinnakers with minimum crew. It is used by 85% of the “Around Alone” skippers and more than 10,000 satisfied customers world wide.


UP TO 55': $10.00/FT

UP TO 100': $12.00/FT

UP TO 130': $15.00/FT

OVER 130': $20.00/FT